The Marias River isn’t exactly next door to the Pacific Coast. In fact … eventually, it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. You’re not going to see any oyster beds this far up the watery road into the northern reaches of Montana.

MarkWicks-MugshotYet a Libertarian pearl is developing where a grain of Montana river rock sand is irritating the establishment. Mark Wicks, a third-generation Montanan rancher, has been an irritant to the political duopoly in a special election race that has both Republicans and Democrats cursing the opposition.

When Ryan Zinke went to Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of the Interior, Montana’s lone U.S. House seat opened up in the Big Sky. The special election is slated for May 25.

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Wicks said it best when it comes to the reported 12 million dollars that has poured into this race:

“Boy, they’re really wasting money,” Wicks told TLI Tuesday night. “And they’re upsetting Montanans with the amount of Ads they’re having to sit through. They’re trying to prove a point for the Democrat and Republican parties about who is the top dog in the country, and I’d say Montanans should vote for me and let them know we’re not worried about the top dog in the country … We should give them actual feedback on what we’re doing here.”

The Libertarian National Committee has taken notice of the activity and is considering sending funds Wicks’ way to make a point. Hopefully it’s not too late.

“I’ve been in my own race and I haven’t had the time to put time and effort into anything else,” Wicks told TLI. “I think what is important is we need to get a win or a near win at this level.”

Along with the big money, some political big hitters have also spoken up. Vice President Mike Pence has been involved in this special election race, as well as Donald Trump Jr. And good ole’ Bernie Sanders has been involved too.

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Democrats are hell bent on making the current President look like a fool by nabbing a U.S. House spot the Republicans have held for nearly two decades. And Republicans are just as concerned with the “Referendum on Trump” and have put their resources on this case too. Thus Pence and Junior traveling west.

“If I come a little bit short, with only about 10,000 spent, I’m wondering what I could have done with a little bit more money,” Wicks told TLI. “We might have been able to put this one over the top. When you look at it versus the millions the others spent, that could have been big. I think I’m going to be in the double digits here.”

DEBATE: Mark Wicks’ closing statements

While the rest of the political world looks at his home state as a statement battleground, Wicks is sipping his coffee and grinning on the porch, because he’s going to play a major role next week. He made the debate stage, and some Montana media entities even proclaimed he was the winner.

Wicks knows that his 10K has gone a tad bit further than the 12 million of outside money flooding in from goodness knows where …

Next week? We’ll see if Montana is awake and sets the tone for what is coming.