Tuesday morning, I did a quick spin through the local community to check on my campaign signs for Johnson-Weld.

About 90 percent of the signs I put out were missing. This is after 10 days of not being touched–and the ones that did remain (mostly at the busy early voting centers that opened Monday) had Hillary Clinton signs placed about two feet in front of my Johnson-Weld signs. This blocked the sight lines for the precious few they didn’t swipe.

All of this happened between 3 p.m. Monday afternoon and my Tuesday morning ‘check’. This morning (Wednesday), another check found two more of my remaining Johnson signs had been plucked overnight, sometimes with the metal stands still intact (see photo above) while other local campaign signs are still standing just feet away.

Case in point? This isn’t the mowers moving pesky signs so they can do their job, or county workers removing campaign swag, or a kid playing tricks–this was a targeted 24-hour concerted effort. It might just be local Hillary volunteers doing their own thing, or maybe it’s an edict from above? Who knows.

But it means they’re scared, and they should be. Is this anecdotal? Yes. Is it indicative? Good question right?

Oddly, the Trump signs didn’t have Hillary signs placed two feet in front of them. Interesting.

Again, most of my signs … signs I have paid my own good money for … are gone. They aren’t tossed in the weeds behind where we placed them, or in a nearby trash can. They’re gone. When I mentioned this on social media Tuesday morning, it appears Johnson-Weld signs are disappearing in many locations both statewide and nationally.

It’s two weeks out and the fossil parties are getting frantic. Maybe their internal polls are scaring them, because we all know the public polls are BS.

Admittedly, I’m new to all this craziness. I’d never done much more than get a Ron Paul yard sign in the primaries in 2008 and 2012 and I never got diehard into campaigning until this year. I’ve put many dollars and hours into this year’s campaigns.

This was the sign you stole, jerk – the one my 6-year daughter begged us to assemble prior to the last sign drop.

Though new to all this, I’m not naive … I know this crap happens.

It just pisses me off that I spent 100s of dollars on donations and received dozens of signs in return, only to have some fool think it’s OK to steal them ‘for their cause’.

I’m making the assumption here that this is a Hillary supporter(s), based on the consistent placement of her signs in front of ours. That plus the known fear the Clinton camp has of Gov. Johnson taking precious votes away from her in the most important state in the nation — Florida.

Doesn’t this just exemplify the difference in principles between a Libertarian and a ‘by all means necessary’ Democrat? Think about it, two key things were violated here:

No. 1) Don’t mess with my personal property. I paid for those signs with money out of my excessively taxed paycheck and put them in appropriate places where other signs were located. In the end, they didn’t steal all of the other local race signs and amendment measure signs – these clowns only stole mine.

No. 2) You messed with my freedom to be heard. You have a right to it, I have a right to it. It’s third-grade civics. Need a refresher course? 

Oh, and there’s that other minor detail … it’s against the damned law.

I’m so mad I could spit right now. And to hear this is happening to Johnson-Weld signs all over the place, specifically when we are a grassroots operation that doesn’t have millions of dollars sitting around? It makes you want to do the same thing to theirs …

BUT I refuse to do that. Even though I doubt these idiots actually spent their own money on the signs (Soros wrote a check for it and likely bought them all a steak dinner), I do support their right to free speech, even though they don’t have a clue of what to do with that strange thing called freedom. They know all about the first half of the word, the ‘free’ part, but the complete version makes them scratch their heads.

Call me naive, call me whiny, call me a Boy Scout for believing in the ideals above–but I do believe in them and I will never become a cynic and change.

Also, if I catch you in the act of doing the above, I’d be exercising my right to split your lip and color you black and blue.

Game on.