Stanton at the U.S. Senate Open Debate on Aug. 11 in Stuart, Fla.


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DELAND, Fla. (Aug. 29, 2016): Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton has his Tuesday primary plan squared away, and it will involve casting his vote early in his home county of Volusia, visiting a Libertarian voter hotbed and then watching the voting returns come in with supporters.
Stanton, a DeLand resident, will head to Pinellas County after his personal visit to the ballot box. In 2014, Pinellas County led the state in votes for Libertarian candidates in the races for Governor and Attorney General. Stanton will visit ‘Occupy the Primary’ volunteers from the Libertarian Party who plan to be at polling locations county wide to increase awareness of the party.
“The election is finally here, and we Libertarians have a choice in this historic primary,” Stanton said. “Vote for peace, liberty and personal empowerment … I have bold plans for lowering taxes, fighting poverty and ensuring peace.”
Following his visits to the polls, he will participate in an election returns watch party at Station House in St. Petersburg with a large contingent of supporters. Stanton is in an unprecedented Florida Libertarian primary with Augustus Invictus and according to the Libertarian National Committee, this year only three states held LP primaries for a U.S. Senate or House seat—Florida, Missouri (Senate seat) and Alaska (House seat).
Along with an endorsement from the current Libertarian presidential ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld, Stanton also holds endorsements from seven Libertarian Party affiliates in Florida—Pinellas, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, Santa Rosa, Volusia and Northwest Florida.
Republicans, Democrats and Libertarian candidates will go through primaries and Tuesday’s winners will proceed to the Nov. 8 general election. This year’s race for U.S. Senate includes incumbent Republican Marco Rubio and current Democratic frontrunners Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson.

Paul Stanton is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq, receiving his honorable discharge as a Sergeant. Following his service, he became an outspoken Libertarian activist. He currently resides in DeLand working in computer programming and data analytics. The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States and the Libertarian presidential candidate, Gov. Gary Johnson, will be on the ballot in all 50 states. The LP is committed to free-market principles, civil rights, personal freedom, non-interventionism, less government intervention, peace and free trade.