StantonAtPodiumThree more recent endorsements have flooded in for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton, one week ahead of the unprecedented Libertarian Primary in Florida.

The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County, the Libertarian Party of Santa Rosa County and the John McAfee backed ‘Vote Different Initiative’ have joined a long list of party affiliates, key individuals and groups who have thrown support behind Stanton-who is gathering steam heading into the August 30 primary with Augustus Invictus.

“One week from election day, and the momentum is still growing,” Stanton told TLI. “The amount of support from Libertarians statewide has been inspiring. We reject government violence and government paternalism.

“Let’s send a strong message of peace,  liberty and individual empowerment to Washington.”

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The LP of Palm Beach County voted on the endorsement Tuesday night and vice-chair Marc Tancer phoned Stanton to let him know the outcome. Santa Rosa County – wedged between Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach in the Panhandle – voted earlier this month, and McAfee’s group also informed Stanton of their choice earlier in August.

Stanton’s endorsement reach spans from Pensacola down to Naples on the Gulf Coast and Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach on the Atlantic Coast. In all it brings the list of affiliate endorsements in Florida to seven (see list below story), along with the personal endorsement from the chair of the LP of Lee County (Fort Myers). As of Aug. 24, Invictus had not received a formal publicized affiliate endorsement.

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Also, Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Vice-Presidential candidate Bill Weld endorsed Stanton at the national convention in May, along with five other presidential candidates (see list below).

LP Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist Bob Johnston told The Libertarian Identity in a recent phone call that only three states in the country will have/had August Libertarian primaries for U.S. Senate or U.S. House seats. Alaska (House) and Missouri (Senate) are the other two. Florida has never had a Libertarian primary for federal office-the candidates always went straight to the general election.

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Here is the updated list of Stanton’s endorsements:


Libertarian Party of Volusia County
Libertarian Party of Collier County (July 10)
Northwest Florida Libertarian Party (July 20)
Libertarian Party of Broward County (July 21)
Libertarian Party of Pinellas County (July 22)
Libertarian Party of Santa Rosa County (Aug. 9)
Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (Aug. 23)


Gary Johnson – Libertarian Presidential nominee, former Governor of New Mexico
Bill Weld – Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, former Governor of Massachusetts
Jim Gray –
2012 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Jurist, former judge
John McAfee –
Cybersecurity legend, former Presidential candidate
Darryl W Perry –
Activist, author, radio host, lobbyist, former Presidential candidate
Dr. Marc Allan Feldman –
Physician, former Presidential candidate
Kevin McCormick –
Former Presidential candidate
Will Coley –
Activist, radio host, political adviser, former Vice Presidential candidate
Thomas Knapp –
Writer, editor, publisher, founder of Boston Tea Party (political party)
Richard Molek –
Chair of Libertarian Party of Lee County
Adrian Wyllie –
2014 Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida


Eastern Liberty Alliance PAC
Ninjas for Liberty PAC
Vote Different Initiative