Libertarian-Town-Hall-CNN-jpg2Well folks, we have our answer to two VERY important questions: When does Gov. Gary Johnson need to be at the 15% polling average, and which five polls will be included in that average?

The answers?: The average will be taken in mid September prior to the Monday, Sept. 26 first presidential debate.

The five polls are ABC-Washington Post; CBS-New York Times; CNN-Opinion Research Corporation; Fox News; and NBC-Wall Street Journal. Monmouth and Rasmussen and IPP and your mama’s poll down at the grocery store now officially don’t mean squat-and they were always the lower ones anyway.

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The five chosen polls have repeatedly held Johnson in double digits. In fact, get this (and see graphic below): NBC, FOX and CBS haven’t had ONE poll with Johnson-Weld under 10 percent, and CNN was the poll that had him at 13 percent. The low-ball one has been ABC hovering at 8.

These five polls are good ones. Not one of them have polled below 8 percent since June.

The fossil party conventions are over … their poll ‘bumps’ have pretty much run their course now that it’s been two to three weeks. A gradual rise is already happening for the Johnson-Weld ticket.

At this point, the rule would take these 5 numbers: 12, 10, 10, 9 and 8 for an average that would round up to 10%.

Take a look, and begin smiling folks … because we ‘got ‘this! Four weeks to get to work!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Note that 3-way polls are included but in most cases have Johnson the same as in the 4-way. Another thing, which may help? It doesn’t look real good for Stein to get in.